17 Pretty Good to Really Great Albums of 2013 That Have Not Appeared on Year-end Lists

Here, at not-so-long-last, is my extremely amateur blog version of my Facebook note about albums from 2013 that — with one or two exceptions — have not appeared on critics’ favorites lists but that I happen to think are pretty good.

Notes on the list and its order:

1. Titles that are hyperlinked go to reviews. Artist names that are hyperlinked go to interviews. (If both are hyperlinked, well, you figure it out.)

2. The first seven are ones about which I wrote something, and are in the chronological order in which I wrote about them. Entries 8 through 11 include links to pieces by my colleagues at DigBoston.

3. If the links do not include a video, or if an entry does not include a hyperlink at all (i.e., if neither I nor DigBoston wrote about it), then I have in embedded a video on the page itself.

4. The 11 about which I or DigBoston wrote something appear first. Otherwise, this list is in no particular order.

1. No One In Control by Snowden


2. III by Eat Skull


3. Cabinet of Curiosities by Jacco Gardner


4. Golden Grrrls by Golden Grrrls


5. Eden by Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck


6. Empire by GRMLN


7. Still Fighting the War by Slaid Cleaves


8. Dark Spring by Guillermo Sexo


9. Untamed Beast by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

blog_SallieFord10. Melbourne by Jackson Scott

blog_JacksonScott11. Heza by Generationals

blog_Generationals12. Victim of Love by Charles Bradley


13. Long Enough To Leave by The Mantles


14. Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere by Terry Malts


15. Weird Sister by Joanna Gruesome


16. Island Universe by Feeding People


17. Love From London by Robyn Hitchcock